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What If We Tried This?

April 17 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

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What If We Tried This? Join us and music composer Johnny Okwu as he guides through his process of tying together a visual narrative through the art of music composition. Whether starting on a project from scratch or with a temp piece, Okwu walks through his process of creating compositions for video and audio narratives for varying industry brands.


Johnny Okwu

Composer – Producer – Songwriter Johnny Okwu is a music producer and recording engineer with a love and natural ear for music. As a native of Huntsville, AL, Johnny has always had a passion for bringing things to life with music. Growing up in a Nigerian family where his father was a PHD business owner and engineer, it was imperative that whatever Johnny pursued, he had to do so with excellence. Along with taking piano lessons during his childhood and teenage years he also began to train his ear by placing a boombox on top of the piano and improvising with songs that came on the radio. Johnny spent a lot of his middle school and high school years teaching himself guitar, bass, drums and reading books about recording and audio engineering.

The creative side of music was always a huge passion for him and fueled his desire to record and arrange his own music. By the age of 18 Johnny had purchased a mac laptop, taught himself recording and mixing in GarageBand, and began recording demos for his friends. He’s always maintained a passion for chasing down creative ideas. Whether it was in a recording session with an artist or in a rehearsal with a band or worship team, you might hear him say “What if we tried this?”. Scoring and writing music for picture was a natural progression for Johnny as he grew in his musical journey. His approach to music production and scoring a video are very similar. What is the message of the song or video? How can I support and further this message through the sounds, chords and melodies? Johnny spends his days producing and mixing music for independent artists, music directing for local churches, and composing for video production companies. Outside of work he spends time with his wife Andrea Okwu and two boys, Avery and Greyson.

Johnny Okwu
Producer/Songwriter, Spark Music


1833 University Dr NW
Huntsville, 35801 United States